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Summary of AIP Services

To summarize, our services encompass the following, one or more of which we contract with the client to perform:

A. Engagement photography where we provide clients with fresh photography of luxury homes and buildings or a specific product or set of products that we photograph at a location of the client‘s choosing.

B. Stock photography where we provide clients with photography from our inventory of already photographed images of homes, buildings, landscapes, products, as well as executives, media and sports personalities - under a generous licensing arrangement.

C. Stylistic services where we assist the client in preparing a “life style” setting with all of the accompanying room by room furnishings and “props” to be used in a “setup“ engagement that we would photograph.

D. Site location services where we help identify an ideal location concept, locate the site, contract for the home or office building's use, which we would utilize for the “shoot” that we would photograph.

E. Editorial photography where we assist architects, designers, construction, manufacturing companies, trade publications and newspapers, in generating a complete set of photographs of their structure, interiors or products, for inclusion in one or more trade related publications many of whom we have ongoing relationships with editors and art directors.

F. Marketing Services the Firm offers to assist architects and designers with the marketing of their images in the context of their development of a competitive strategy and the enhancement of their expected competitive advantage. This work is a combination of “workshop” discussions as to where, how, and when to compete vis a vis the key factors for success for generating winning proposals for their present and potential clients/customers vs. their anticipated competition and the accompanying industry dynamics.

G. Competitions and awards where we provide architects, designers and construction companies, a set of photographic images of a building, interiors, or a particular product, designed to help an architect or designer in competing in a variety of contests and competitions, with an eye to portraying their work in its most attractive setting, lighting conditions and perspective - in conjunction with an opportunity to win one or more awards.

H. Archival services where we insure the safety and survivability of one or more sets of “backup” images that we have photographed either via an engagement project or following a licensed stock sale. This includes our use of not only backup copies of Cds, but also the use of external hard drives, and a dedicated bank vault and a set of safety deposit boxes that provide reliable, secure and safe long term locations for Cds, DVDs, as well as for “raw” and “touched up” transparencies and negatives. Archival time periods from one year to up to twenty five or more years into the future are common. This service is customized to address the specific needs of the client.

I. “Total “shootadministration: where we organize the entire process of AIP administering all of the ingredients of a product “shoot” including the 1) site concept to arrive at the most suitable “life style“ setting to match the style of product(s) being highlighted, 2) the actual location of the “ideal” setting and site of a home or office building, 3) developing and getting approved the site and compensation contract with the owner of the site, 4) administering insurance and the moving services necessary for relocating the products from the client's truck to the home or building, 5) setting up the “life style” “shoot” scene, 6) moving the products to and from room to room, 7) the stylization of the rooms and related furnishings, 8) the actual photography of the project, 9) the taking down of the setups including the moving of the furniture and furnishings back to the client's truck, 10) putting the site owners furniture and furnishings back to its pre-shoot setting and condition including the compensation of the site owner upon the completion of the “shoot“. All that is needed from the client is a set of “floor plans”, delivery of the products to the contracted-for site location, their input regarding desired stylization and product arrangements, and a statement about what “deliverables“ are needed.

J. Commercial printers: where we offer to work with commercial printers in order to insure that the client's images are printed with a high level of color dimensionality, color correctness, and color balance, as seen from the original digital image, transparency or negative given to the client and his or her printer. This includes the conversion from an RGB to a CMYK color format. We are also willing to visit the printer and see how what is initially coming off the press is an accurate representation of colors that are identical with the “master” that was given the printer.

K. Licensing : where to be in keeping with United States copyright law (as AIP is the rightful “owner“ of all images produced by our firm), we offer a variety of licensing arrangements and terms that are supportive of the client's usage purposes and time horizons, which in effect aims to protect the client's and AIP's images from infringement. This includes a rarely requested “buyout” (option) of all of AIP's usage rights and a transfer of complete legal ownership to the client: although rarely needed and used, occasionally there is a client need that this option addresses. To avoid the required written legal process and a higher fee premium needed to achieve a “buyout” result, usually a generous licensing agreement suffices that addresses all of the client's needs and concerns.

L. Infringement monitoring and copyright enforcement : where to protect the client's and AIP's images from infringement, we offer a service that monitors all websites and publications throughout the world, which facilitates the detection of the identities of those parties who are using the licensed images illegally. This can be crucial and a determining factor that assists in generating a remedy for the client and AIP, as all images are normally registered by us with the US Copyright office in Washington, DC.

Note: It is the policy of AIP, that no one has the right to use any of the images of AIP, Thomas H. Kieren or client licensed images, without the express written permission and authorization from AIP.