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AIP's Core Values and Mission

We believe that the purpose of architectural and interiors photography is to a) promote the “best” exposures of our client’s design(s) to its present and potential client customers, award jurors, and other “publics”, b) demonstrate visually where, how and when the Firm deems it best to strategically compete in its market places, customer groups and design categories, and c) to promote and visually express a successful interactive collaboration among the photographer and the architects/designers/constructors/owners, in order to portray the authenticity, integrity, innovative qualities, features, benefits and sustainability of the new or renovated buildings and surroundings that they have collectively created and/or to which they adapted.

Furthermore, it is our belief that, generally speaking, the best use clients can make of our services is to not only support their marketing initiatives, but to also enhance their competive advantage in their marketplace—one design or constructed building project at a time.

It is therefore our mission as a Firm – to make sure these criteria are addressed when completing a photography assignment for a client/customer. In short, this is the intellectual and practical modus operandi and rationale for our Firm which, in turn, expresses and reflects our core values.

As a helpful partner, we achieve all the above through our careful listening to and interacting with all of the parties involved in this creative process.