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The Firm and its Work

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Architectural & Interiors Photography (AIP) is a Firm that is dedicated to performing architectural, interiors and product- specific type photography, specializing in photographing the following types of new and renovated buildings and surrounding landscapes, city scapes, and sky scapes: luxury residential, commercial, educational, court house, technical/scientific/clean room, healthcare, industrial, cultural, private club, retail, hospitality, restaurant, and religious institutions – as well as other high quality/value structures in the public sectors. Specifically, the Firm’s photography includes images of work spaces, living quarters, factory operations, dining facilities, medical services, classrooms, exhibit spaces, common areas, lobbies and hallways, court yards, home theaters, dens, bedrooms, furniture, windows and doors, bars, to name only a few. The Firm’s associates perform this work through a combination of still, video and aerial photography.

The primary purpose of the Firm’s work is to provide insightful interior and exterior images in order to demonstrate a client’s exceptional designs, the durable and innovative qualities of its buildings, residences, work spaces, materials and furnishings, as well as to complement and support a client’s marketing strategy initiatives. Images are typically used for a client’s website, brochures, editorial content, proposals and presentations, press releases, design award competitions, trade shows, office décor, newsletters, and paid advertising in trade publications. In short, the firm’s images document and highlight client skills, competencies and achievements – thereby assisting in the implementation of an enhanced competitive advantage.

In addition, the Firm’s associates photograph product-specific images where a particular product is being highlighted by its manufacturer or retailer, at a customer installed or showroom location. Or we arrange to have the product or products displayed in a “life style” setting at a specially arranged luxury home or commercial building where the product can be set up and be seen and photographed to its best advantage. Alternatively, we can use our studios or those of our client or advertising/PR agency in order to provide an attractive setting. Such products have included, for example, automobiles; living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor furniture, fixtures and accessories; lighting; windows and window treatments; ceiling, wall, and flooring materials; textiles; signage; architectural hardware; lawn and garden equipment; specialty windows and doors; roofing materials, home and office equipment and furnishings; to name only a few.

The Firm’s founder and managing partner, Thomas H. Kieren, also assists clients in competing and winning coveted design awards through his experience as an active member of the American Institute of Architect’s design awards committee in the New York area, working on actual architectural design awards projects, and currently as an active member of its Marketing and Public Relations Committee.

Last but not least, the Firm offers to assist clients with their marketing of photographic images and editorial content, with a variety of trade-specific electronic and print publications – due to our close contacts and working relationships with the editors and art directors of numerous regional, national and international trade publications.

The Firm, through its associates, provides architectural images through still, video and aerial photography, at one or more of locations in North America and on other continents. Project locations have included New York City, Princeton, South Hampton, Jersey City, Atlanta, Phoenix, Omaha, Tampa, Green Bay, Franklin Lakes, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Boston, Greenwich, Indianapolis, Chicago, Paris, Rome, London, Berlin, Dubai, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Soule, Montreal, St. Moritz, Montego Bay, Copenhagen, Sydney, Riyadh, Kuwait City, and Vienna.

Stock Photography

The Firm also licenses one or more of its thousands of notable architectural, interiors, or product images from its inventory of its website and from other sources – of such structures as residential, commercial, educational, cultural, landscapes, skycaps, cityscapes, and other categories noted above, as well as images of well known industry celebrities and notable Wall Street, media and sports personalities. These images are typically licensed for a fee to advertising agencies, PR firms, corporations, newspapers, magazines and a number of other organizations who need specific images in order to complement an editorial piece or advertising theme.

The Firm is represented by Getty Images for selected clients within their client network.


Architectural Interiors Photography
E-Oculus NYC Chapter of the American Institute of Architects
February 1, 2010

Thomas H. Kieren listed as a speaker at the NYC Chapter of the American Institute of Architects' seminar on Architectural Interiors Photography, which also included panel members from Gensler Architects, and Architectural Record.

"Object Lesson"
New Jersey Monthly
October 1, 2009

This article highlighted the interior and architectural photography of Thomas H. Kieren, as he photographed asian artifacts located at a luxury home in the Alpine NJ area.

"Home Schooled"
The Architects Newspaper
September 8, 2010

This article features the exterior architectural photography of Thomas H. Kieren, as it describes the history of this abondoned Harlem "Landmark" public school in NYC and how it was transformed into a major luxury residential condominium structure.

St. Aloysius School Annual Report
St. Aloysius School
January 5, 2005

This Report highlights some of Thomas H. Kieren's photography of the new addition to the school building as well as two of its administrators.

Leagueline - Quarterly Newsletter of the Architects League Of NJ
October 1, 2009

Thomas H. Kieren contributed some of his architectural photography of Frank Gehry's exterior and interior design of the Lewis Library at Princeton University, as background images for this publication. The prior year, he contributed his interior and exterior photography of the Carl Icahn laboratory at Princeton University.

"Commissioning Architectural Photography, Best Practices in Working with a Professional Photographer"
American Institute of Architects & American Society of Media Photographers
January 1, 2006

Thomas H. Kieren was a contributing author and photographer for this edition of a cooperative venture between the AIA and the ASMP, as an educational publication designed to help its respective members better understand each other's interests in quality photography and how best to work together to achieve good results. It includes valuable checklists of important details to consider when retaining and working with such photographers for both architectural and interiors photography.

The Best of New Jersey
New Jersey Monthly
April 2010

Images of award winning architectual designs by celebrated architect, J. Robert Hillier of Princeton, New Jersey. Photography of Thomas H. Kieren, of an innovative condominium development in the Princeton area. Received an "Honors" award from the American Institute of Architects in addition to Robert's receiving the AIA's "Life Achievement Award".

"School Back in Session..PS 90."
Oculus Magazine
April 2011

Authored by Claire Wilson, this article contains an exterior image of the Landmark Harlem PS 90 School which was renovated into a luxury condominium for L&M Developers. Abandoned in the 1970s by NYC, the quite large public school was completedly renovated inside and out, and now houses very high end residences which are now for sale to the public. As a correction to the article, only the bottom (of the two images) should be attributed to Thomas H. Kieren.

"Shedding Light"
Oculus Magazine
April 2011

Authored by Tami Housman, this article contains an interior image of of the award winning Sunrise Yard Maintenance facility operated by NYC in Ozone Park (Queens), New York.

Diana Center of Barnard College
E-Oculus NYC Chapter of the American Institute of Architects
August 17, 2011

Authored the article highlighting the AIANY tour of Barnard College's Diana Center. Includes Mr. Kieren's photography as well as the text for the article.

Educational Forums

For several years, Mr. Kieren has conducted and continues to conduct numerous forums and seminars on architectural and interiors photography. This includes his forums for B&H Photo in Manhattan and Unique Photo in NJ, for the American Institute of Architects, the American Society of Media Photographers, and for his own annual panel discussion programs which he conducts for architects, designers, real estate firms, construction firms and the media. Last but not least, he also conducts "Lunch and Learn" noon-hour seminars for the partners and associates of architectural firms. These forums include case studies touching on such topics as designing the "shoot", collaborations, lighting, perspective, story line, context, key issues and challenges, to name only a few.